New Firearm Licence Application

Please fill out the New Firearm Licence Application Form below and email the list of items shown on “Required Documents” to

    Type of Application*

    Full Name*

    ID Number*

    Email Address*

    Telephone Number*

    Cellphone Number*

    Residential Address and Postal Code*

    Postal Address and Postal Code*

    Type of Residence*


    Name of Employer (Specify if Self-Employed)*

    Business/Work Address and Postal Code

    Marital Status

    Criminal Offence

    Other notes that might help to improve your motivation to possess a firearm

    All documents below must be mailed to

    • Applicant’s ID
    • Applicant’s Competency
    • Copy of ALL licences on applicant’s name (front and back)
    • Spouse/Partner’s ID (if applicable)
    • Dedicated/Collector’s Info (all supporting documentation from association)
    • Proof of Address (not older than 3 months)
    • Relevant Training Certificate (from association where you did your training)
    • Photos of safe (inside and outside)
    • In case of hunting, 2 letters from where you hunted / 2 photos of animals you shot

    *Remember: once you received all documents from us, you have to add 2 colour ID photos to the document before handing it in to the SAPS. You will see I already created the “option” under the bows and guns menu for the forms – you can just add it there.